Project overview (since 2000-01-01):

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Start dateProjectacronymrolefundingpartners
2020-09-01Developmental Origins: exploring the Nature-Nurture Interplay DONNIcoordinator1.498.7671
2020-06-01Futures 2020 FUTURES2020coordinator218.6044
2020-06-01A Novel Deep Eutectic System for the Creation of New Co-crystals Eutomiccoordinator99.8781
2020-06-01Enabling optimized disruptive airframe-propulsion integration concepts ENODISEparticipant5.000.00013
2020-06-01Nanoscale Design using Virtual Reality NANOVRcoordinator1.988.1681
2020-06-01Forecasting volcanic activity using deep learning DEEPVOLCparticipant1.999.4952
2020-05-01INnoVative dEsign of iNstalled airframe componenTs for aircraft nOise Reduction INVENTORparticipant4.990.59516
2020-05-01Ultra High Aspect Ratio Wing Advanced Research and Designs U-HARWARDparticipant2.510.9396
2020-04-01Development of computational and experimental noise assessment and suppression methodologies for the next generation of silent distributed propulsion configurations SilentPropparticipant2.025.0464
2020-04-01Development of neural circuits in the prefrontal cortex PFCmapcoordinator212.9341
2020-04-01Full field Imaging for Damage Evaluation in Lightweight structures under Impact TYpe Loading FIDELITYcoordinator212.9341
2020-03-01Ubiquitin Chains in Viral Infections CHUbViparticipant7.649.8483
2020-03-01European Diplomacy Practices post-Lisbon: Adding Value through Cooperation EuroDiplcoordinator212.9341
2020-02-01Epistemic Utility for Imprecise Probability EPIMPcoordinator1.490.4331
2020-01-27The Living Image of Sherlock Holmes: The Cult of Celebrity in the Age of Disenchantment LISHCCADcoordinator224.9341
2020-01-01Dynamic longitudinal exposome trajectories in cardiovascular and metabolic non-communicable diseases LONGITOOLSparticipant11.997.44918
2020-01-01Nanomechanical Switch-Based Logic and Non-Volatile Memory for Robust Ultra-Low Power Circuits ZeroAMPparticipant3.481.2447
2020-01-01Implementation Action to prevent Diabetes from Bump 2 Baby (IMPACT DIABETES B2B): a low-resource system of care intervention for appropriate gestational weight gain and improved postnatal outcomes IMPACT DIABETES B2Bparticipant3.999.94910
2020-01-01OCeanic and South East Asian Navigators. OCSEANparticipant2.042.40026
2020-01-01Fine tune of cellular behavior: multifunctional materials for medical implants Bio-TUNEparticipant814.20010
2020-01-01Literary Activism in sub-Saharan Africa: Commons, Publics and Networks of Practice LITCOMcoordinator1.499.8571
2020-01-01New ways from photon to behaviour: Finding new phototransduction cascades in fan worms PhoToBecoordinator212.9341
2020-01-01Essential field and laboratory measurements of critical physical and microbial processes which darken the Greenland Ice Sheet and accelerate sea level rise Deep Purplecoordinator11.007.3443
2020-01-01Big Data Models and Intelligent tools for Quality of Life monitorinBig Data Models and Intelligent tools for Quality of Life monitoring and participatory empowerment of head and neck cancer survivors BD4QoLparticipant4.985.97513
2020-01-01Erythrocytes properties and viability in dependence of flow and extra-cellular environment EVIDENCEparticipant3.993.48012
2019-12-01Establishment and Exploitation of a European-Latin American Research Consortium towards Eradication of Preventable Gallbladder Cancer EULAT Eradicate GBCparticipant4.675.93213
2019-12-01Engineering of complex protocells by micro-compartmentalization of living bacteria PROTOBACcoordinator212.9341
2019-11-01A unified network, Computational and stOrage resource Management framework targeting end-to-end Performance optimization for secure 5G muLti-tEchnology and multi-Tenancy Environments 5G-COMPLETEparticipant5.966.08813
2019-11-01Beyond 5G multi-tenant private networks integrating Cellular, WiFi, and LiFi, Powered by ARtificial Intelligence and Intent Based PolicY 5G-CLARITYparticipant5.744.88512
2019-10-01Rear End Aerodynamic and Aeroelastic Studies TailSurfparticipant1.465.5413
2019-10-01Innovative STATOR InnoSTATparticipant2.787.8505
2019-10-01High temperature superconductivity and the Catch-22 conundrum CATCH-22coordinator2.495.6292
2019-09-01Commercialisation of Proteus PROCOMMcoordinator150.0001
2019-09-01Film Studios: Infrastructure, Culture, Innovation in Britain, France, Germany and Italy, 1930-60. STUDIOTECcoordinator2.498.9653
2019-09-01Tipping Points in the Earth System TiPESparticipant8.561.23918
2019-09-01Sloshing Wing Dynamics SLOWDparticipant3.156.75110
2019-09-01Past, present and future of turbid reefs in the Coral Triangle 4D_REEFparticipant4.039.15615
2019-09-01Post ERuption Incision of Landscapes (PERIL) PERILcoordinator195.4551
2019-07-01Contribution of Land water stOrage to Sea-level Rise CLOSeRcoordinator224.9341
2019-06-01VertIcal demos over Common large scale field Trials fOr Rail, energy and media Industries 5G-VICTORIparticipant13.499.49125
2019-06-01Cooperative Lewis base / Metal-Catalyzed Enantioselective Annulations COOPCATcoordinator224.9341
2019-06-01Unravelling the scenario of early vertebrate evolution through computational analysis of the fossil record EarlyVertEvocoordinator212.9341
2019-05-01Power effects aerodynamics for a regional turboprop PERTURBparticipant1.868.1752
2019-05-01Bio-Inspired Glycan-NanoProbes as Antimicrobial Pro-Drugs BioNanoProbescoordinator212.9341
2019-05-01Neuromodulation of Sensory Processing NeuroSenscoordinator212.9341
2019-05-01Quantum Algorithms from Foundations to Applications QAFAcoordinator1.859.3121
2019-04-01REnewable COGeneration and storage techNologies IntegraTIon for energy autONomous buildings RE-COGNITIONparticipant4.990.00015
2019-04-01Biomarkers in Atopic Dermatitis and Psoriasis BIOMAPparticipant10.500.00032
2019-04-01Rapid access to functionalized cyclobutanes via ring expansion strategies RACINGcoordinator224.9341
2019-04-01Disease Risk And Immune Strategies In Social Insects DISEASEcoordinator1.499.9952
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