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Project overview (since 2000-01-01):

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Start dateProjectacronymrolefundingpartners
2010-07-01Zebrafish Regulomics for Human Health ZF-HEALTHparticipant11.375.00020
2010-07-01Breast Cancer Somatic Genetics Study BASIScoordinator10.499.99915
2010-06-01Systems Biology of Stem Cells and Reprogramming SyBoSSparticipant10.530.00011
2010-05-01Genetic and Epigenetic Networks in Cognitive Dysfunction GENCODYSparticipant11.647.06815
2010-01-01European Consortium on Synaptic Protein Networks in Neurological and Psychiatric Diseases EUROSPINparticipant11.952.69118
2009-12-01The Microme project: A knowledge-based bioinformatics framework for microbial pathway genomics MICROMEparticipant5.263.15016
2009-10-01Towards the establishment of a permanent European Virtual Institute dedicated to Malaria Research (EVIMalaR) EVIMALARparticipant12.000.00039
2009-05-01European management platform for emerging and re-emerging infectious disease entities EMPERIEparticipant11.909.56012
2009-02-01Signalling in life cycle stages of malaria parasites MALSIGparticipant3.000.00017
2009-02-01Functional and evolutionary studies of the glutamatergic synapse; a proteomic and genetic approach PSIEMBLcoordinator233.7851
2009-01-01“The International Data Coordination Centre” I-DCCcoordinator2.683.50910
2009-01-01Servicing the European biomedical research community: archiving and dissemination of mouse models of human disease EMMASERVICEparticipant8.000.00010
2008-11-01Coordination of resources for conditional expression of mutated mouse alleles CREATEparticipant1.100.0008
2008-11-01New tools for monitoring drug resistance and treatment response in visceral leishmaniasis in the Indian subcontinent KALADRUG-Rparticipant2.999.99810
2008-09-01An integrated study on three novel regulatory hubs in megakaryocytes and platelets, discovered as risk genes for myocardial infarction by a genome-wide association and platelet systems biology study NETSIMparticipant2.851.38410
2008-05-01Optimisation of a non-antibody based technology to improve the efficiency of genome-wide analysis of DNA binding sites BIRA FOR CHIP-CHIPparticipant158.4792
2008-03-01Infrafrontier the European infrastructure for phenotyping and archiving of model mammalian genomes INFRAFRONTIERparticipant4.500.00029
2008-01-01European network for genetic and genomic epidemiology ENGAGEparticipant12.000.00026
2008-01-01Metagenomics of the human intestinal tract METAHITparticipant11.400.00016
2008-01-01IMproving Protein Annotation and Co-ordination through Technology IMPACTparticipant3.000.0008
2007-11-01European life-science infrastructure for biological information ELIXIRparticipant4.500.00033
2007-04-01European transcriptome, regulome and cellular commitment consortium EUTRACCparticipant12.000.00021
2007-02-01The European Mouse Disease Clinic: a distributed phenotyping resource for studying human disease EUMODICparticipant11.999.83217
2006-10-01Identification of genetic roots of coronary artery disease by combining stepwise genome wide association studies with transcriptomic and functional genomic investigation of relevant genetic variants CARDIOGENICSparticipant9.999.90319
2006-10-01An examination of the interaction of genetic and lifestyle factors on the incidence of type 2 diabetes INTERACTparticipant10.000.00032
2006-04-01Cutting edge genomics for sustainable animal breeding SABREparticipant13.900.79340
2006-03-01Genome wide screening for tumour related rearrangements in mouse cancer models CANCER GENOMEcoordinator167.6651
2006-03-01A European Infrastructure of Ligand Binding Molecules Against the Human Proteome PROTEOMEBINDERSparticipant1.799.98430
2006-01-01The European Mouse Genome Mutagenesis Program EUCOMMparticipant13.000.00011
2005-11-01High-throughput Epigenetic Regulatory Organisation In Chromatin HEROICparticipant12.000.00016
2005-04-01Identification and in vivo functional analysis of novel cell surface receptor-ligand pairs FISH INGcoordinator160.1801
2005-01-01Dedicated integration and modelling of novel data and prior knowledge to enable systems biology DIAMONDSparticipant2.498.57411
2005-01-01EURExpress, a European consortium to generate a web-based gene expression atlas by RNA in situ hybridization EUREXPRESSparticipant10.800.00011
2004-12-01Advances in hearing science : from functional genomics to therapies EUROHEARparticipant12.499.99929
2004-06-01Identification of risk genes for atherothrombosis in coronary artery disease by transcriptome and proteome analysis and high throughput exon resequencing BLOODOMICSparticipant8.879.15414
2004-04-01Regulation of mitosis by phosphorylation - A combined functional genomics, proteomics and chemical biology approach MITOCHECKparticipant8.578.17711
2004-04-01Biology and Pathology of the Malaria Parasite BIOMALPARparticipant1624
2004-02-10New strategies to improve grain legumes for food and feed GRAIN LEGUMESparticipant14.750.95571
2004-02-01European Consortium for Stem Cell Research EUROSTEMCELLparticipant11.906.40016
2004-01-01Functional genomics of synaptic strength and memory storage GENE-MEMORYparticipant1.292.4915
2004-01-01Marie Curie Conferences and Training Courses on arrayCGH and Molecular Cytogenetics ARRAYCGH-MCparticipant471.0975
2004-01-01Zebrafish Models for Human Development and Disease ZF-MODELSparticipant12.000.00019
2004-01-01Novel molecular drug targets for obesity and type 2 diabetes DIABESITYparticipant11.601.08325
2004-01-01A European Network for Integrated Genome Annotation BIOSAPIENSparticipant12.000.00028
2003-12-01Mucosal Vaccines for Poverty Related Diseases MUVAPREDparticipant15.550.00030
2002-10-01Understanding human molecular physiology and pathology through integrated functional genomics in the mouse model EUMORPHIAparticipant12.299.99618
2001-12-01The core european bioinformatics research infrastructure in the life sciences (EMBCORE) EMBCOREparticipant1.000.00039
2000-12-01Automation of large-scale protein functional sequence analysis PROFUSEparticipant550.0006
2000-10-01Pilot-study for a human epigenome project EPIGENOMEcoordinator1.197.0712
2000-10-01Phylogenetic studies on the protein domain families in pfam LORENZO CERUTTIcoordinator107.0721
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