Project overview (since 2000-01-01):

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Start dateProjectacronymrolefundingpartners
2006-12-01Distributed (Internet-based) automated system for acquiring and analysis of eye tracking data INTAS 2006-1000013-participant149.9404
2006-10-01The role of turbulence and electric fields in the formation of transport barriers and the establishment of improved confinement in tokamak plasmas through inter-machine comparisons INTAS 2005-1000008-participant150.00013
2006-09-01Medium-scale ULF waves in the near-Earth space: theory and observations INTAS 2005-1000008-participant139.1006
2004-05-01Biodegradable polymeric materials for health and environment -centre of excellence BIOMAHEparticipant365.5076
2003-02-01Catalytic hybrid lean-premixed burner for gas turbines (CATHLEAN) CATHLEANparticipant2.396.42114
2003-01-01Dft calculations of magnetic resonance parameters of copper-containing enzymes MATTHIAS STEINcoordinator150.0541
2003-01-01The fuel cell testing and standardization network FCTESTNETparticipant2.066.15654
2003-01-01Advanced adiabatic compressed air energy storage (AA-CAES) AA-CAESparticipant2.327.80319
2003-01-01Integrated researches on materials, technologies and processes to enhance mcfc in a sustainable development IRMATECHparticipant2.323.90713
2003-01-01Numerical fuel cell component performance prediction (NFCCPP) NFCCPPparticipant2.170.95714
2002-12-01Standardisation of a guideline for the measurement of tars in biomass producer gases (tar measurement standard) TAR MEASUREMENT STANparticipant352.8939
2002-12-01Policy and innovation in low tech (pilot) knowledge formation, employment & growth contributions of the "old economy" industries in europe PILOTparticipant1.489.86510
2002-11-01Wind power integration in a liberalised electricity market (WILMAR) WILMARparticipant1.399.2959
2002-11-01Thematic network on clean power generation (POWERCLEAN) POWERCLEANparticipant1.000.00030
2002-11-01Hydrogen in mobile and stationary devices - safe and effective storage solution (HYMOSSES) HYMOSSESparticipant2.452.27110
2002-10-01Structural proteomics in Europe SPINEparticipant13.700.00025
2002-09-01Sulfur radical chemistry of biological significance : the protective and damaging roles of thiol and thioether radicals SULFRADparticipant1.399.5427
2002-09-01Determinants of the tranglycosylating versus hydrolytic activity in xyloglucan endotransglycosylases (XET) XETcoordinator150.3041
2002-09-01Heat and mass transfer in micro-channels HMTMICparticipant1.199.8096
2002-09-01Development of variable stiffness seismic isolators and vibration mitigation dampers based on magnetically controlled elastomers VAST-IMAGEparticipant1.307.1198
2002-09-01Advanced low voltage electron sterilization EB STERILIZATIONparticipant385.0007
2002-08-01Quantum complex systems : entanglement and decoherence from nano-to macro-scales QUACSparticipant1.400.0006
2002-08-01Hyperbolic and kinetic equations: asymptotics, numerics, applications HYKEparticipant2.994.94716
2002-08-01Coordination network for lignin oe standardization, production and applications adapted to market requirements EUROLIGNINparticipant712.68724
2002-07-25Support for the organisation of a workshop entitled "5th cost d11 workshop on supramolecular chemistry" held in sigtuna/sweden from 5 to 8 december 2002 in the frame of cost action d11 COST ACTION D11coordinator11.5001
2002-07-01Free piston energy converter FPECparticipant2.499.8628
2002-05-01Asymmetric catalysts using three-fold symmetry AC3Sparticipant1.181.5306
2002-05-01Bioprocessed wood fibres for composites and food packaging materials BIOCOMPACparticipant1.239.99410
2002-05-01Step-nc - step-compliant data interface for numerical controlers IMS STEP-NCparticipant889.96515
2002-04-01Study of the Groundwater Contribution to the Aral Sea region water supply and water quality: strategies for reversibility and pollution control participant108.1117
2002-04-01Active aeroelastic aircraft structure (3AS) 3ASparticipant3.806.66116
2002-04-01Friendly aircraft cabin environment FACEparticipant17.995.06434
2002-04-01A fundamental study of the processing-structure-properties of nanocomposites for industrial applications PRONACOMparticipant2.364.57113
2002-01-11Science of high performance multifunctional high temperature coatings HIPERCOATparticipant2.243.3125
2002-01-01Developing new decision-making tools to promote the sustainable development in european cities based on eco-industrial park strategy ECOPADEVparticipant1.425.48913
2002-01-01Seafloor imaging and toxicity : assessment of risks caused by buried waste SITARparticipant2.112.72311
2002-01-01Ortho-logo-paedia OLPparticipant1.366.9028
2002-01-01Advanced high temperature insulating fibres with safe physiological properties. SAFIBREparticipant1.375.3759
2002-01-01Unsteady transitional flows in axial turbomachines (UTAT) UTATparticipant2.536.21516
2002-01-01European Nuclear Engineering Network ENENparticipant197.71622
2002-01-01Catalyst development for catalytic biomass flash pyrolysis producing promissing liquid bio-fuels (BIOCAT) BIOCATparticipant1.317.3897
2001-12-01Cortical, cerebellar and spinal neuronal networks - towards an interface of computational and experimental analysis (MICROCIRCUITS) MICROCIRCUITSparticipant1.534.5025
2001-12-01Fuel For Transmutation Of Transuranium Elements FUTUREparticipant1.700.0008
2001-12-01European expert network for the reduction of uncertainties in severe accident safety issues (EURSAFE) EURSAFEparticipant400.00019
2001-12-01Advanced zero emission power plant (AZEP) AZEPparticipant3.305.82211
2001-12-01Grangemouth advanced co2 capture project (GRACE) GRACEparticipant2.148.21710
2001-11-01Review of molten salt reactor technology MOSTparticipant580.63817
2001-11-01Preliminary design studies of an experimental accelerator-driven system PDS-XADSparticipant5.979.37526
2001-11-01Improvement of techniques for multiscale modelling of irradiated materials ITEMparticipant397.73442
2001-11-01Treatment of geosphere retention phenomena in safety assessments RETROCKparticipant397.62613
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