Project overview (since 2000-01-01):

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Start dateProjectacronymrolefundingpartners
2020-09-01Ultrasonic standing waves as a new tool for improved oleogels ULTRA-OLEOcoordinator202.6811
2020-06-01Improving nutrition in Africa by strengthening the diversity, sustainability, resilience and connectivity of food systems HealthyFoodAfricaparticipant6.917.55117
2020-06-01Circular Processing of Seawater Brines from Saltworks for Recovery of Valuable Raw Materials SEArcularMINEparticipant5.834.01612
2020-06-01Green Route to Wood-Derived Janus Particles for Stabilized Interfaces PARTIFACEcoordinator2.000.0001
2020-05-01Translational approaches to disease modifying therapy of type 1 diabetes - HARVESTing the fruits of INNODIA INNODIA HARVESTparticipant5.999.05540
2020-05-01New Particle Formation in Polluted Atmospheres by Nanocluster Dynamics Assessment NPF-PANDAcoordinator190.6811
2020-05-01Micronnedle-assisted nanovector skin patch for immunomodulation of the inflammatory response upon occurrence of myocardial infarction injury (MiNeMi) MiNeMIcoordinator190.6811
2020-04-01Human Brain Project Specific Grant Agreement 3 HBP SGA3participant150.000.000131
2020-04-01Drivers and Feedbacks of Changes in Arctic Terrestrial Biodiversity CHARTERparticipant5.899.93121
2020-04-01Assessing the technical and business feasibility of Callose Enriched Plant Biomass as a solution for improving Biorefinery Industry processes and profit margins APPLICALcoordinator150.0001
2020-04-01Network of Leading Ecosystem Scale Experimental AQUAtic MesoCOSM Facilities Connecting Rivers, Lakes, Estuaries and Oceans in Europe and beyond AQUACOSM-plusparticipant9.999.56330
2020-04-01Animals Make identities. The Social Bioarchaeology of Late Mesolithic and Early Neolithic Cemeteries in North-East Europe AMIcoordinator1.992.8391
2020-04-01A Planetary Inventory of Life – a New Synthesis Built on Big Data Combined with Novel Statistical Methods LIFEPLANcoordinator12.620.3103
2020-03-01Legal Cultures and Business Environments in Central Asia CENTRAL ASIAN LAWparticipant1.104.00012
2020-03-01Safe and Complete Algorithms for Bioinformatics SAFEBIOcoordinator1.498.3671
2020-02-01European long-term ecosystem, critical zone and socio-ecological systems research infrastructure PLUS eLTER PLUScoordinator9.999.99032
2020-02-01Distributed System of Scientific Collections - Preparatory Phase Project DiSSCo Prepareparticipant3.999.73130
2020-02-01eLTER Preparatory Phase Project eLTER PPPparticipant4.000.00028
2020-01-01Consolidating the capacities of EATRIS-ERIC for Personalised Medicine EATRIS-Plusparticipant4.999.02319
2020-01-01Integrated and standardized NGS workflows for Personalised therapy Instand-NGS4Pparticipant10.998.12818
2020-01-01Human Exposomic Determinants of Immune Mediated Diseases HEDIMEDparticipant11.992.33922
2020-01-01Early Environmental quality and life-course mental health effects Equal-Lifeparticipant11.994.42620
2020-01-01Versatile Emerging infectious disease Observatory VEOparticipant14.994.72620
2020-01-01Diagnostic autoantibody assay to stratify bone marrow failure diseases STRATIFYcoordinator150.0001
2020-01-01Aerosol, Clouds and Trace Gases Research Infrastructure Implementation Project ACTRIS IMPparticipant4.999.99834
2020-01-01Youth Skills ySKILLSparticipant3.188.70415
2020-01-01Chasing pre-industrial aerosols CHAPAscoordinator1.999.7041
2020-01-01Precision Medicine via Diagnostic Enzyme Activity Testing PreMeDosEcoordinator150.0001
2020-01-01Partioning Tree Methane Emissions PaTreMEcoordinator202.6811
2019-12-01EUropean Heliospheric FORecasting Information Asset 2.0 EUHFORIA_2.0participant2.556.40111
2019-12-01COmplement Regulation and Variations in Opportunistic infectionS CORVOSparticipant4.088.95110
2019-11-01Small-Molecule Drug Conjugates for Targeted Delivery in Tumor Therapy Magicbullet Reloadedparticipant3.915.90315
2019-11-01Innovative strategies for cancer prevention with focus on sex hormone signaling and chronic inflammation CANCERPREVparticipant4.096.0147
2019-10-01Innovative Training Network in Female Reproductive Care MATERparticipant3.665.23310
2019-10-01PEPTICHIP: Streamlined identification of tumour neoantigens for personalised anti-cancer immunotherapy PeptiCHIPcoordinator150.0001
2019-10-01Constrained aerosol forcing for improved climate projections FORCeSparticipant7.998.28720
2019-09-02Novel blood-brain barrier permeable CDNF-derived therapeutic peptides for the protection and regeneration of dopamine neurons THERAPEcoordinator202.6811
2019-09-01Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East – Climate and Atmosphere Research Centre EMME-CAREparticipant14.944.9144
2019-09-01EOSC-Nordic EOSC-Nordicparticipant5.933.47524
2019-09-01Quasiconformal Methods in Analysis and Applications QUAMAPparticipant2.280.3504
2019-08-01Quantitative stochastic homogenization of variational problems QSHvarcoordinator1.312.5001
2019-08-01Complicity: Individual Responsibility in Collective Contexts CIRICCcoordinator189.9732
2019-07-01New Market: an exploration into the changing nature of business environments, informal barriers and emerging markets in the post-Soviet region NEW MARKETSparticipant1.104.00010
2019-07-01Post-Newtonian modelling of the dynamics of supermassive black holes in galactic-scale hydrodynamical simulations (KETJU) KETJUcoordinator1.953.5691
2019-06-01European Joint Programme on Radioactive Waste Management EURADparticipant32.500.00051
2019-06-01Optimizing Bio-based Fertilisers in Agriculture – Knowledgebase for New Policies LEX4BIOparticipant5.999.96921
2019-06-01Quantifying the global patterns and trends of the illegal wildlife trade: from artificial intelligence to financial market analysis WILDTRADEcoordinator1.499.9001
2019-05-01EuroGEOSS Showcases: Applications Powered by Europe E-SHAPEparticipant14.998.97654
2019-05-01ENdoThelial macRophage Alliance In Neuroinflammation ENTRAINparticipant3.664.17420
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