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Overall Score:500-600
Total Project Funding per Partner:400-500
Total Number of Projects:500-600
Overall Score:> 1000
Total Project Funding per Partner:> 1000
Total Number of Projects:> 1000
Total Project Funding:> 1000
Networking Rank (Reputation):> 1000
Partner Constancy:500-600
Project Leadership Index:600-700
Diversity Index:> 1000
Overall Score:> 1000
Total Project Funding per Partner:> 1000
Total Number of Projects:> 1000
Total Project Funding:> 1000
Networking Rank (Reputation):> 1000
Partner Constancy:300-400
Project Leadership Index:300-400
Diversity Index:> 1000

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Project Participation Performance(2010-01-01 - 2024-12-31 ):

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Funding per Partner:



Total number of projects: 62
As coordinator: 7
As participant: 55
Sole participant: 0
Coordinator / Participant Ratio: 0.13*


Total project funding [€]:Projects [No]:
Year:coordinator*participant*per partner  as coordinatoras participant
2023 0 19.954.542 0 3
2022 3.587.827 66.208.123 0 1 9
2021 0 24.937.153 0 5
2020 0 50.692.079 0 3
2019 0 41.999.215 0 6
2018 6.924.719 32.762.170 0 2 7
2017 1.999.890 17.300.585 0 1 3
2016 0 12.286.851 0 2
2015 0 12.722.699 0 3
2014 0 1.999.401 0 1
2013 1.738.444 8.999.433 0 1 1
2012 2.999.939 12.763.558 0 1 5
2011 0 27.982.660 0 4
2010 6.648.704 7.974.504 0 1 3



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Total number of partners: 0
Partner loyalty:
Frequent Partner: (> 2 projects): 0
Rare Partner: 0
Frequent / Rare Partner Ratio: 0

Project overview:

Start dateProjectacronymrolefundingpartners
2023-01-01Verifying Emissions of Climate Forcers EYE-CLIMAparticipant4.994.26217
2023-01-01AI4SoilHealth: Accelerating collection and use of soil health information using AI technology to support the Soil Deal for Europe and EU Soil Observatory AI4SoilHealthparticipant9.960.35829
2023-01-01Enhancing Soil health through Values-based business models SoilValuesparticipant4.999.92314
2022-11-01The ForestWard Observatory to Secure Resilience of European Forests FORWARDSparticipant14.617.66019
2022-11-01BrightSpace: Designing a Roadmap for Effective and Sustainable Strategies for Assessing and Addressing the Challenges of EU Agriculture to Navigate within a Safe and Just Operating Space BrightSpaceparticipant9.480.00015
2022-10-01Improved transdisciplinary science for effective ecosystem-based maritime spatial planning and conservation in European Seas (MarinePlan) MarinePlancoordinator3.587.82717
2022-10-01User-oriented Solutions for Improved Monitoring and Management of Biodiversity and Ecosystem services in vulnerable European Seas B-USEFULparticipant4.609.98113
2022-10-01Navigating European Forests and forest bioeconomy sustainably to EU climate neutrality ForestNavigatorparticipant5.995.23724
2022-10-01Giving Rural Actors Novel data and re-Useable tools to Lead public Action in Rural areas GRANULARparticipant6.633.49525
2022-09-01Achieving Good Environmental Status for maintaining ecosystem SErvices, by ASsessing integrated impacts of cumulative pressures GES4SEASparticipant9.024.35220
2022-09-01Fostering food system transformation by integrating heterogeneous perspectives in knowledge and innovation within the ERA FOSTERparticipant5.063.63118
2022-09-01Towards an Integrated Consistent European LULUCF Monitoring and Policy Pathway Assessment Framework. PathFinderparticipant5.788.41124
2022-09-01LAnd use and MAnagement modelling for SUStainable governance LAMASUSparticipant4.995.35617
2021-10-01Shaping ecosystem based fisheries management SEAwiseparticipant8.043.61225
2021-06-01Fostering the positive linkages between trade and sustainable development TRADE4SDparticipant3.998.73513
2021-05-01Holistic management practices, modelling and monitoring for European forest soils HoliSoilsparticipant9.999.92021
2021-01-01Adaption strategies in forestry under global climate change impact ASFORCLICparticipant895.0008
2021-01-01Agroecology for Europe AE4EUparticipant1.999.88613
2020-11-01The European Agroecology Living Lab and Research Infrastructure Network: Preparation phase ALL-Readyparticipant2.136.17416
2020-09-01Climate Change and Future Marine Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity FutureMARESparticipant8.555.90535
2020-02-01Towards climate-smart sustainable management of agricultural soils EJP SOILparticipant40.000.00044
2019-10-01Sustainable Hub to Engage into Rural Policies with Actors SHERPAparticipant4.999.74817
2019-09-01Modelling INdividual Decisions to Support The European Policies related to agriculture MIND STEPparticipant4.000.00012
2019-09-01Poultry and PIg Low-input and Organic production systems’ Welfare PPILOWparticipant9.999.58023
2019-06-01Soil biodiversity enhancement in European agroecosystems to promote their stability and resilience by external inputs reduction and crop performance increase SoildiverAgroparticipant6.999.88922
2019-06-01Tropical and South Atlantic climate-based marine ecosystem predictions for sustainable management TRIATLASparticipant11.000.00034
2019-05-01CONtract SOLutions for Effective and lasting delivery of agri-environmental-climate public goods by EU agriculture and forestry CONSOLEparticipant4.999.99924
2018-11-01Translating knowledge for legume-based farming for feed and food systems. Legumes Translatedcoordinator1.999.94818
2018-10-01Transition towards a more carbon and nutrient efficient agriculture in Europe Nutri2Cycleparticipant6.850.05119
2018-06-01Monitoring the Bioeconomy BioMonitorparticipant5.983.85818
2018-05-01Understanding and improving the sustainability of agro-ecological farming systems in the EU UNISECOcoordinator4.924.77118
2018-05-01Replacement of Contentious Inputs in organic farming Systems RELACSparticipant3.999.67515
2018-05-01Green Aquaculture Intensification in Europe GAINparticipant5.998.79520
2018-05-01Paradigm for Novel Dynamic Oceanic Resource Assessments PANDORAparticipant5.598.38925
2018-01-01SUpport for Policy RElevant Modelling of Agriculture SUPREMAparticipant999.8247
2017-06-01Farm systems that produce good Water quality for drinking water supplies FAirWAYparticipant4.999.86522
2017-06-01Diversification through Rotation, Intercropping, Multiple cropping, Promoted with Actors and value-Chains Towards Sustainability DiverIMPACTSparticipant9.999.98534
2017-06-01Full recyclable food package with enhanced gas barrier properties and new functionalities by the use of high performance coatings REFUCOATparticipant2.300.73512
2017-03-01Supporting EU-African Cooperation on Research Infrastructures for Food Security and Greenhouse Gas Observations SEACRIFOGcoordinator1.999.89017
2016-03-01Climate change and European aquatic RESources CERESparticipant5.586.85126
2016-03-01Optimising the management and sustainable use of forest genetic resources in Europe GenTreeparticipant6.700.00024
2015-04-01Strategic Use of Competitiveness towards Consolidating the Economic Sustainability of the european Seafood sector SUCCESSparticipant4.998.29024
2015-03-01Ecosystem Approach to making Space for Aquaculture AquaSpaceparticipant2.989.81521
2015-03-01Distributed, integrated and harmonised forest information for bioeconomy outlooks DIABOLOparticipant4.734.59535
2014-01-01Exploring the potential for agricultural and biomass trade in the Commonwealth of Independent States AGRICISTRADEparticipant1.999.40117
2013-11-01Enhancing prediction of tropical Atlantic climate and its impacts PREFACEparticipant8.999.43328
2013-01-01Development and application of new methodological frameworks for the evaluation of environmental impacts of rural development programmes in the EU ENVIEVALcoordinator1.738.4447
2012-11-01Careers in Sustainability Excellence CASTLEparticipant3.825.38410
2012-10-01Systems Analysis Tools Framework for the EU Bio-Based Economy Strategy SAT-BBEparticipant495.6559

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