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2013 0 7.014.180 601.015 3
2011 0 7.060.161 594.444 3


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Start dateProjectacronymrolefundingpartners
2013-07-01MANufacturing decision and supply chain management SYStem for additive manufacturing MANSYSparticipant2.925.00012
2013-06-01Cold Spray Radical Solutions for Aeronautic Improved Repairs (CORSAIR) CORSAIRparticipant3.999.46913
2013-02-01High Strength Aluminium Alloy parts by Selective Laser Melting HI-STA-PARTparticipant89.7112
2011-10-01High resolution electron beam melting HiResEBMparticipant1.050.9006
2011-09-01Innovative inspection techniques for laser powder deposition quality control INTRAPIDparticipant1.122.7008
2011-01-01Development of Aero Engine Component Manufacture using Laser Additive Manufacturing MERLINparticipant4.886.56116